Legal Pot In Tennessee


The medical marijuana debate has come to Tennessee with a new bill introduced recently.

Much of the debate to legalize marijuana seems centered in California, but a new bill introduced to legislators in Nashville has brought the battle to Middle Tennessee. Under the Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act, people suffering from certain medical conditions would be allowed to procure pot with a prescription at the nearest pharmacy. The bill doesn’t make medical marijuana available to just anyone. It clearly spells out which medical conditions would qualify someone for marijuana use, how pharmacies would sell it and how producers and distributors would be licensed. Despite all this, the bill still seems like a long shot when it comes to getting passed, a fact that pleases some lawmakers.

“The problem with medical marijuana lies in the potential for abuse. We have seen that in California’s experience,”

- Tennessee Rep. Hank Fincher

The bill, which was introduced to the state house and senate in September 2010, has yet to go before a committee vote. Meanwhile, medical marijuana is currently legal in 14 states.

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  1. Loretta Haney October 29, 2012 Reply

    marajuana should be legalized in tenn.. I am a walking and breathing example of several medical conditions that are chronic that marajuana has indeed helped me more than taking a man-made pill that helps onething as it destroyes another organ in your body.marajuana is a herb that all mighty god himself put here & if god put it here then it had to be for a healing reason!!! the politicians are scared to make it legal because it will probably put a big dent in the phramacutical companies and pharmacies!! plus they are to stupid to figure out how to tax it to their benefit. !!!!!

  2. nathan November 11, 2012 Reply

    For one I don’t smoke so this stand point should not be looked at as one being from a “drug user”. I think that “weed” should be made legal for the simple fact of how much time and money it would free up from the government. As well as adding money from the sales of it. The prison system would see a decrease in their high population due to the vast numbers of persons in the pinal system due to the trafficking of marijuana or other charges brought on by it. On top of all that the arguments made that it changes or alters your perspective and you are unable to complete simple tasks as in driving, working or being around children shouldn’t even be brought up unless that person is willing to also make alcohol illegal, America has tried before and as you can see it didn’t work, and I have never seen anyone as messed up on pot as I’ve seen blacked out while drinking. That’s about all I have to say on that.

  3. Jenn January 21, 2013 Reply

    I would ask Hank Fincher to state what abuse in California he is speaking about. These politicians need to be specific. You are hired by the people, for the people. It is dangerous to drink too much water but we don’t put a ban on it. It is dangerous to smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, ( i bet this politician drinks), consume too much sugar.. the list goes on. Get real America. Legalize 2013

  4. ROSE February 6, 2013 Reply


    • mike March 20, 2013 Reply

      I have Epilepsy myself. Please keep fighting the fight here in the bible belt.

  5. matt pace February 27, 2013 Reply

    im only 17 and i have glacoma. the doctor told me that i could possibly lose my vision at the age of 25. im never hungry and always lose weight. look at this. i see marijuana more of help then a crime. tobacco is worse if you ask me. but anyways not sayin i do smoke but all im sayin is lol my eyes are progressin better now and im eatin alot more than i was. :)

  6. Autumn March 18, 2013 Reply

    Weed should soooo be legalized. ***k everything else, it’s pros weigh out everything. Just watch some kat williams that s*** will change your life.

  7. J March 19, 2013 Reply

    I’m 23, raised in Memphis, and have smoked weed since I was 12-13.

    I graduated from one of the most prestigious private schools in Memphis where passing an annual, mandatory hair-based drug test was required to stay enrolled. Quitting a month before summer break ended never proved to be a problem; so this first hand experience coupled with copious amounts of research speaks to the addictive nature of marijuana – or in this case, lack there of. How many people are considered physically addicted to alcohol?
    When I was 21, and alcohol had become readily available to me, I began to drink a fair amount. One night in particular I drank a lot more beer and whiskey than usual. At some point in the night I decided to leave the party I was at and make my way for another friend’s house. An unknown amount of time elapsed and I found myself waking up next to a parked train, in the middle of the dark woods, with glass all over me. Cutting a long and detailed story short: I had minor injuries and thank God, or whatever higher power is out there, I didn’t hurt anyone else. I had acted incredibly stupid and irresponsible, two things I am well known not to be.
    The point I’m hoping to make with that story is: had I not drank that night, I would still have my old truck; not to mention I wouldn’t have put any lives in danger. After 8-9 years of smoking weed I NEVER made a decision as bad as the one I made that night when I decided to drive. I NEVER had a black out and forgot things I did. Lives were NEVER put at risk because of my actions. So, what seems more dangerous – marijuana or alcohol?
    The fact that alcohol is perfectly legal, and marijuana warrants jail time is absolutely ludicrous. I’ve never seen so many people ignore facts while subscribing to scientifically dis-proven theories like we see in the marijuana debate today. No one still believes the world is flat or hangs “witches” in trees. Why do we still cling to old, ridiculous beliefs about marijuana?
    We can’t afford to provide medical care, healthy food, and adequate education to our people, but the budget includes task forces designed to shut down marijuana operations and funds necessary to house prisoners due to marijuana charges. Cigarettes and alcohol kill countless people every year, yet remain legal.
    I could write for weeks on this subject, but I feel I should cut it short here. Thanks for reading.

  8. Tired of our gov't having their heads up their asses about sooo many issues April 25, 2013 Reply

    Marijuana being illegal is a joke. It’s all about the fictional war on drugs to take money from normal hard-working people, in order to allow our lazy bureaucrats to get paid to sit on their asses. Plain and simple. Show me one credible study providing an iota of evidence that marijuana has any detrimental side effects, other than giving users a criminal record that could potentially ruin peoples’ careers and personal lives. Furthermore, there is absolutely zero debate of whether tobacco and alcohol are more harmful than marijuana. END OF STORY

  9. Big J June 1, 2013 Reply

    I have yet to understand why marijuana is illegal. I smoke every single day, show up on time to my job every single day and work just as hard as everyone else. Nobody has a problem with me smoking and actually love to hear my view on legalization. When someone can give me a solid reason why marijuana should be criminalized I will change my opinion, but nobody can. “It’s bad for your lungs” so is tobacco and it destroys much more than that. Politics is a dirty game and people need to start forming their own opinions instead of automatically accepting whatever they are told.

  10. Chris July 27, 2013 Reply

    We need to legalize marijuana completely. Aside from medicinal use, recreational use, or even just pure pleasure, we have the right to use as we please.

    The White House claims many different reasons why it is illegal and why they’re so opposed to legalization. It seems like their main focus is on children using the “drug”. So, basically they’re saying, “marijuana is the reason why young children are smoking marijuana.” That doesn’t make any sense to me. I believe parenting and the environment that they are allowing their children live in is the cause of children using. Parents need to EDUCATE their kids on marijuana and the effects. Just like how they’re supposed to educate their children about sex, drugs, violence, manners, respect, and responsibility. Which OBVIOUSLY has been working SO well…

    Cannibis and any other drug use should not be used at a young age. Duh… Marijuana effects the mind differently at the age of 14 than at 25. A 14 year old is not mature enough to be responsible and fully understand what it can be used for and the effects.

  11. Chris July 27, 2013 Reply

    The government is keeping it illegal because:

    1.) Growers are making an incredible profit that they haven’t been able to get their hands on. Instead of encouraging their entrepreneurship, they’re punishing them because we’re making money without their help. Well, I guess that’s our bad for being ambitious and intelligent farmers. Growing cannabis is no different than someone growing tobacco, corn, tomatoes, flowers, etc. If you’re going to make cannabis production illegal, then you better hire a lot more law enforcement to go after all the agriculturalists and florists because they’re apparently breaking the law.
    “Tomatoes and flowers aren’t smoked, or have ‘mind-altering’ effects like marijuana.” True, but I don’t like tomatoes and think flowers are pointless. Therefore, it shouldn’t be around. No! If I don’t like tomatoes and flowers, then I don’t buy them. Simple as that. If you don’t like something, stay away from it. Let the people that DO choose to use and grow and sell marijuana, do so.

    If the government stopped punishing growers, and gave them jobs, the economy would flourish.

    FOUR jobs just opened up that the government can regulate and tax the **** out of, like they do everything else.

    “If it’s made legal it will be so cheap and increase usage.” That’s a load of BS. Just because something is cheaper, doesn’t mean more people are going to use it. Cheeseburgers at McDonalds are a buck… The same amount of people go there even if they were two bucks. And God forbid something be affordable to the citizens. Just make it impossible for anyone to have a decent living.

    “It causes anxiety, poor judgement, lowers motor skills, suicidal thoughts and Schizophrenia.” Can you please tell me one person that has actually thought about commuting suicide while under the influence of JUST marijuana? I’ve never mixed drugs and marijuana before, mainly because I have no desire to ingest anything besides chocolate cookies and chocolate milk when I’m “high”. It causes anxiety because people are afraid of getting caught with it! If we weren’t afraid of being seen with it, or caught with it in our possession, no one would be worried about it. And if it DOES cause you anxiety, then that is your thing and you can choose to not use it. Don’t keep the rest of us that DO enjoy it from using and adding to the quality of OUR lives.

    “Increased crime.” How so? People run from the cops and put up a fight because we don’t want to be punished for doing nothing wrong. Smoking marijuana is no different than cigarettes, and they’re not considered a criminal or unjust. If law enforcement would start focusing on the real issues like murder, drunk driving, and theft, marihuana users wouldn’t have a reason to put up a fight. And if we gave marijuana growers jobs, and the dealers jobs, there would be no marijuana related violence. Marijuana related violence to me is, someone owes someone money, and they don’t have that money. Producing and transporting marijuana is a risky business right now because it is illegal. So, the money made from that is hard earned and people don’t like risking their freedom for nothing. But if there was no risk, there would be no problem.

    “Health risks.” Smoking marijuana has no different health risks than cigarettes. And far less harmful effects compared to alcohol. They have found possible cancer curing elements in cannabis, yet, it’s unhealthy? Tylenol, Advil, and many other pill form OTC medication has even more harmful effects on our internal organs, but you can buy those at the grocery store.

  12. Chris July 27, 2013 Reply

    And even if it is harmful for us to use, and it’s not endangering anyone around us, then don’t we have that right to enjoy our life the way we please? If you’re aware of the health risks, and are okay with that, then have at it. If you don’t like it, don’t do it.

    I really don’t understand how a public bar, where people able to get behind the wheel of a car in a state of mind that could cause harm to other people is more socially acceptable than someone smoking some “weed” and chilling out with some friends. People under the influence of marijuana are aware of their impairment and compensate by slowing down, being more cautious, and thinking twice before doing something that could be dangerous or harmful. People under the influence of alcohol tend to act more careless and risky. And they think they are more in control than they are. Driving… ‘Nuff said. Most people that are “too high”, don’t typically get behind the wheel of a car because they aren’t comfortable driving and don’t feel they’re able to control a motor vehicle safely and responsibly. While the person that is “too drunk”, feels they are fine and can drive no problem. Now tell me where the “poor decision making” comes in with marijuana.
    There should definitely be an age restriction, but not complete restriction.
    Smoking cigarettes in public doesn’t seem to bother anyone, so why is someone smoking on their couch, in the safety of their one home such a big deal? No one is in danger. It’s not bothering anyone. Hell, most people probably don’t even know about it. Then why is it a big deal?

    Legalize 2013

  13. lou August 17, 2013 Reply

    i am a drinker, and i smook 1 or 2 times a month for my headacs and bone problems..and it helps
    but i get into trouble when i drink because i want to go out driveing or partying…i dont do those things when i smook weed..if something should be agenst the law it should be whiskey or beer, not weed its a good pain killer and it dont have all the other shit in it that kills your other orgens…help make weed leagle

  14. Korean Guy September 5, 2013 Reply

    A drug, by definition, is a manmade, mind-altering substance which may or may not also provide the user medical treatment. This means weed is technically not a drug. IMO, government just wants it illegal because they dont know how to use it to their advantage and they beleive inanimate objects cause death and/or injury.
    When you drink and cause a drunk driving accident, guess what, it’s the car’s fault, not the alcohol!
    But when you smoke and someone behind you runs into the back of your car because they didn’t see the red light or you stop, it’s the weed’s fault.
    I’ve been smoking since i was in junior high, and graduated from high school with all honors and an AP class. Then i had to stop because i wanted to join a military academy. Then I had a tour in Iraq and was shot and got to leave. Now I’m smoking again and im just fine, except I’m probably the only 28year-old with a cane, but the weed is kinda helping my leg a little bit. I think at least.

  15. David Beaird November 9, 2014 Reply

    Due to drinking a whole lot of alcohol one particular night back in 2005 I left a friends party way to drunk to be driving and had a horrible wreck. I had broken my T10 vertibrate and shattered my T9 vertibrate as well as breaking my neck. By the grace of GOD no one else was involved in the wreck. Of course I got my first DUI at the age of 21, and the THP had no pity on me even though I had so many really bad injuries. Lol I was in the hospital for a month, and luckily I recovered from my injuries. Though I did have to have 2 10 inch rods and screws in my back to get me back on my feet. After I recovered from surgery and stopped taking any pain meds but i still had severe chronic back pain. But I got at least 80% of relief from smoking pot and I got by just fine for several years due to smoking weed. Well I got in lots of trouble with the law and I got charge after charge of possession of Marijuana. So I was forced to quit smoking pot since I was on probation and I still am. So I had to seek pain relief from doctors and pain clinics. So needless to say I’m now dependant and addicted to pain meds that aren’t good at all for my body or my pocket book. If only pot was legal in Tennessee, at least for medicinal purposes only, I wouldn’t even need anymore prescription pain meds! Life would be sooo much better for me and so many others that really need it for their health problems! TENNESSEE , GET OFF YOUR ASS AND LEGALIZE POT!!! The world would be a lot better place and it would help countless people who REALLY need it. As well as save so many of our tax dollars that are wasted on locking people up for having or smoking weed! It’s just rediculous!!!! LEGALIZE MARIJUANA IN THE GREAT STATE OF TENNESSEE!!!!!!!!!!

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